Podcast Episode 109

Listening to this album this was quite fun. Been a while since I listened to Death By Stereo’s “Death For Life” album and I don’t know why I stopped.

The album pumps you up from the moment the first track starts to play. The roaring chant of the crowd screaming “Death For Life” makes your butt cheeks clinch up! Then, rolling into “Binge/Purge” you know the album is gunna kick ass.

And ass kick it does. Or kick ass?

What’s great about this album is the ability to really never stop. The energy comes from all members of the band and really never lets up. Even in the slower type songs like “Forever And A Day” the energy seems to just build and lead into the more punk rock “This Curse Of Days”.

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Normally, I dislike guitar solos. Fight me. However, Death By Stereo has a way of incorporating the solo into being another member of the band rather than a self obsession wank fest.

These guys really know how to make you feel like you’re a part of the show. I found myself chanting Death For Life multiple times. The good stuff just flows from them. In “Nosotros Controlamos Todo” you get to chant some more which keeps your interest. The song also has this irritatingly catchy “Ticka” noise. Listen to it. You’ll know.

Overall, this album is damn near perfect. It perfectly embodies what everyone who is thinking of starting any kind of band should strive to be. High energy, fun, great musicianship, and a bunch of humble dudes just playin’ some humble tunes.

– himynamesjeff