Podcast Episode 103

This album of the week is actually kinda a re-do. We covered this album in our infancy stages and the sound quality was totally shit so we are at it again!

Bleed American is Jimmy Eat World’s breakout album and I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has heard “The Middle” at some point in their life. The song is played on the radio, restaurants, elevators, you name it.

In the humble opinion of Asinine Radio, Bleed American isn’t quite as good as their previous album, Clarity, but not by much. What Bleed American does right is bring the pop part of Clarity along with the smooth vocals of new lead vocalist Jim Adkins (previously had co lead vocalist duties) to mesh together into a great, easy, straight forward alternative rock album.


The album is front to back great. There’s a little something for everyone. The heavy “Get It Faster” to the fast paced “Bleed American” and quieting down of “Hear You Me” you’re bound to get something you like. Easy peasy.

JEW’s approach to this album was both more aggressive as well as reserved. The fast paced linear songs show the more aggressive side of JEW while the lack of heavy experimentation, as we saw on clarity, toned the album down.

Jimmy Eat World have always been a respected band in the emo / pop punk circles but with Bleed American they were able to branch out and become a commercial success, which they definitely deserve.

– himynamesjeff