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Here is where you will find our opinions on some of the topics discussed in the podcast….but in written form! Well, typed form, but nonetheless entertaining!…hopefully.


The highlight of our podcast is music. We try our best to keep an open mind when listening to all types of music and be objective. But let’s be real, some of the stuff out there is balls. Just balls. On here we will do our best to write some reviews as coherently as possible and others that are just full of rambling hatefulness.

We aren’t quite authorities on music but hey, when has that stopped people from spouting off personal opinions about shiz they don’t know anything about. We will, however, do as much research and be as objective as possible when dissecting our weekly albums.

Daddy’s Milk

For our beer reviews we decided to “borrow” (as Lars Ulrich so infamously complained about) from’s criterion for reviewing beer. We will grade the beer based upon 5 factors:

Appearance – Initial thoughts including colors, clarity, and head retention.

Smell – Pointing out any malt, hops, yeast flavours present

Taste – Similar to smell. Point out flavours, balance,  and finish.

Mouthfeel – Describe textures relating to touch. Creamy, flat, carbonated, and other palate sensations.

Overall – Give it an overall grade! We’ll use our own patented grading scale of 0 – 3. 3 being a perfect beer. 2 is good and we’ll drink again. 1 is ok to try once but wont do it again and 0 is just total shit.

We aren’t experts, by any means, but enjoy beer and learning. Beer drinking is a fun experience to do with friends so join us for some beer educashun!

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