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Three Bubs Spit Game

N00bs can spit game too!

The world of video games can be a scary place to wane your way through. Here at Three Bubs Spit Game we scour the interweb and present to you the best of the best of the best…sir…with honors. From video game news to video game reviews it’s all here. We hold ourselves to the highest of journalistic standards. Mostly we just take a little from everyone and call it our own, but that’s what everyone does right? RIGHT?!

Three Bubs Spit Game is a podcast created by 3 long time friends Ryan, Tyler, and Jeff. Having gone to high school together and attended numerous parties (LAN parties) we decided to create something new and fresh. Of course video games was the first thing we thought of. The podcast focuses on 1 game a month and is delved into by the industry’s best! We also drink, burp, make fun of each other, and swear.

So please join us as we embark on this voyage that is life and gather round for some tall tales from the minds of 3 dudes who have way too much time on their hands! Find us on social media and socialize with us! We love debating video games, movies, and why Firefly is a kickass show.

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