Podcast Episode 110

Whew. This was a rough one for me. For many decades Tyler has been trying to convert me into a Kornhole (is that what Korn fans call themselves?) so he wanted to do their album “Life Is Peachy”.

A noble attempt.

What I just can’t wrap my head around is the novelty aspect that is Korn. They can do the Nu Metal thing pretty ok, not quite as good as other Nu Metal artists, but when it comes to incorporating anything else into their music I just don’t hear it. The singing isn’t very good. The bass and the drums seem to play the same part (that they ripped off from Primus) over and over, and the guitar sounds like generic Nu Metal.

Apart from the dreads and the scat I don’t understand this noise. The only songs I thought were tolerable were all cover songs. Their rendition of “Lowrider” is pretty badass. Especially since there are some bagpipes in the song that give it a little edge.

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Jonathan Davis at his best on “Kill You” still can’t bring the heat. A literal re telling of feelings that isn’t exactly felt through the music. Whereas on “Ass Itch” the literal retelling of feelings is what gives the song the goofy overall feeling that mixes well with the instrumentals.

Sorry to say that after listening to this album I am still not a believer. I am still open to the idea but for now I will stay away from calling myself a Kornhole.


– himynamesjeff