Podcast Episode 91

This podcast episode we went all out country! Kinda. But we did choose Cash’s Live At Folsom Prison album and boy oh boy was it a doozie!

I think it’s safe to assume most people have heard something that Johnny Cash has done in his lifetime. He was extremely prolific and an iconic, influential musical figure for decades. What makes this album special is the fact it was actually recorded in a prison.

There are actually two versions of this album, one that has both performances in their entirety and the other version is just a shortened, cliff notes, version of the performance. Listening to the Legacy version (the uncut, full performances) really elevated this album even higher, for me. The banter between Cash in between songs and the respect that was given by both Cash and the inmates was intriguing and inspiring.


Another cool factoid was this wasn’t just a Johnny Cash show but a full on concert. The concert also featured The Statler Brothers and Carl Perkins (original writer of “Blue Suede Shoes”). The concert also featured June Carter on some songs including the famous duet her and Cash did. She also read a poem which was kinda quirky and cool.

The entire show was emceed by a Los Angeles radio DJ and he did a great job of it. Kinda funny to hear Cash say he wasn’t allowed to cuss so he encouraged everyone to refrain from saying “shit” and “damn”. So don’t say them.

Notable Tracks

Orange Blossom Special, Folsom Prison Blues, The Wall

– himynamesjeff