Podcast Episode 89

This week we took on Clarity by Jimmy Eat World. Clarity has some strong feels for both of us and is quite the little gem, if you haven’t discovered it already. Clarity is their third album and a pretty big departure from what they started out as. The biggest difference coming from roles within the band. Jim Adkins, guitarist, became the lead singer and the rest is history!

When this album was first released it was received as well as the band had hoped. This reason also sort of led to their next attempt to be more pop focused and incredibly popular. But who cares, Clarity rules! Since it’s released it’s been noted as quite the cult classic.


What Clarity brings to the table more than anything is musical clarity itself. The songs on the album take their time and come together on their own in their own way. The last track, Goodbye Sky Harbor, is a 15+ minute epic that unfolds into a musical story and lets the listener escape themselves and enter a calmed trance state.

The decision to throw Adkins of lead vocals is the kind of decision that marks history! Like when Phil Spector invented the wall of sound or when Hendrix played the Star Spangled Banner! Well, maybe not that historic, but a great decision nonetheless.

If you’re looking for a musical journey that will soothe your soul and calm your mind then you should check this album out. It’s worth it.

Notable Tracks

Blister, A Sunday, For Me This Is Heaven

– himynamesjeff