This week we get into The Suicide Machine album Destruction By Definition. Lucky for us we were able to get our grimy little hands on a few bottles of Zima for our Fearless Beer Review. Our Music REC’s this week are The Locust and Ska-P. We round out the show with Music News. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to mention Tom Delonge. Also, how do you feel about “Vocal Fry”? Listen to find out what that is. Check below if you want to skip around the episode.

START – 0:05:31  Intro and Fearless Beer Review
0:05:32 – 0:15:31  Music REC’s The Locust and Ska-P
0:15:32 – 0:39:22  The Suicide Machine album Destruction By Definition
0:39:23 – END    Music News and Vocal Fry

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