We welcome back our friend David to the show to get into Weezer’s “The Red Album”. We start with our Fearless Beer Review of Bud Light Orange, and our Music REC’s Hellmouth, Weezer’s Lion and the Witch EP, and Nerf Herder. We round out the show with Music News and upcoming shows/tours. And of course we can’t go an episode without talking about Tom Delonge. Check below if you want to skip around the episode.

START – 0:06:41 Intro and Fearless Beer Review
0:06:42 – 0:22:15 Music REC’s  Hellmouth, Weezer and Nerf Herder
0:22:16 – 0:57:29 – Weezer’s “The Red Album”
0:59:30 – END  Music News/Shows and The Simpsons and X-Files

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