Podcast Episode 87

Once again, we go back a bit to the good of days of LSD, acid, and other psychedelics! WooHoo! Jk. Drugs are bad. But The Doors are good!

We chose LA Woman as this week’s album. Iconic in that it is the last album to feature vocalist Jim Morrison and that the album really incorporated blues and a more relaxed vibe back into their music.

Most, or all, of us know of the tragic story of Jim Morrison and his rise and fall from grace. There are numerous documentaries out there that fill us in on the timeline. However, what most of us don’t know is the immense talent of The Doors outside of Morrison.


Every member of The Doors is better than the last. John Densmore, drummer, is well versed in many genres of music and really brings those elements forward. His ability to keep the music flowing without a bass player is something that is both heroic and scary.

Robby Krieger, guitarist, is something of a fairy tale as well. Never using a pick and using a slide, Krieger wrote some truly iconic rock and roll classic riffs, as well as writing the iconic Light My Fire.

And lastly, Ray Manzarek, my personal favorite of the group. This guy rules. Because of the absence of a bass player Manzarek often played a bass keyboard to keep the song flowing while also playing his own unique organ parts. Multi tasking to the fuckin’ max!

If you haven’t already, go listen to this album. It’s perfect.

Notable Tracks

LA Woman, Hyacinth House, Love Her Madly

– himynamesjeff