Podcast Episode 86

This week’s pick was chosen by our lovely guest! Exciting! But it is a doozie. System Of A Down’s Toxicity. This was System’s second album and was released in early September of 2001. System is a heavy metal band from southern California and features some of metal’s most talented musicians.

My favorite aspect of the album is definitely the drumming. John Dolmayan is a phenomenal drummer and his skillz really take the cake on the album. Most noticeably, the title song, Toxicity, really shows how tight and unique he can play. The drums have such a clean and crisp sound it’s difficult to focus on anything except for Dolmayan.


Toxicity is a small departure from their debut album, mostly in structure. Toxicity brings us some really strong melodies and a lot of back and forth vocals between lead singer Serj and guitarist Daron. More so than their first album, Serj and Daron really compliment each other’s voices. Daron sings in a higher pitch than Serj but both are extremely unique that after hearing what they can do it’d be difficult to go back.

To top off this phenomenal, System are very politically and socially active. Very outspoken and very involved, System has quite a fun time bringing some key societal issues to the masses.

Toxicity is packed full of great songs and only gets better with every listen. Just an over all fun and intriguing album. I mean, who doesn’t love singing along to Chop Suey?!

Notable Tracks

Chop Suey, Forest, Toxicity

– himynamesjeff