Podcast Episode 85

Finally, this week’s album is a band that is pretty new to both Asinine Radio hosts. Ever since we happen to come by this group we have been crushing over them ever since. They are a hardcore punk group from Baltimore and have put out a couple EPs and a couple stuido albums.

We love these guys. Everything about them screams badassery. This album in particular is their first full length and comes in just under 30 minutes. But, that’s 30 minutes of nonstop action. Nonstop punch with a lot of nonstop feeling! Get it?!

What Turnstile does well is keep the raw sound that so many hardcore punk bands have abandoned these days. Professional recording that still holds true to the garage rehearsal sound that we love. Not only can they chug along with heavy, hardcore riffs they incorporate some hip hop elements into their music to give it that 21st century vibe. They can also tone it down and throw in some really melodic, soft sounds as well, as shown in the track Blue By You.Turnstile-Interview


Watching these guys live is almost just as fun as listening to ’em. I haven’t yet seen them live, which kills me, but it’s on my bucket list. It’s actually the only thing on my bucket list. It’s a short list.

My only complaint about these guys is they’ve been around since 2010 but we didn’t even hear about em till a couple years ago. Just been wasting my life!

Notable Tracks

Gravity, Drop, Out of Rage

– himynamesjeff