Podcast Episode 83

This week at Asinine Radio we tackled Green Day’s Nimrod. A sort of oldie but goodie. As we all know Green Day has essentially stopped existing to us as a band post American Idiot. But we still hope for a return of what we love from these guys.

But moving forward, we chose to turn back! Nimrod was the next big album after Dookie. They did have a minor successful album, Insomniac but Nimrod really showed the peeps that Green Day can succeed as a punk rock band. Most will probably know this album from the hit “Good Riddance, Time Of Your Life”. Anyone, ages 15 to 35 knows this song and probably had it play at some school dance in their life.

green day

Unlike Dookie, Nimrod was a sort of experimental endeavor that we weren’t really expecting but loved anyway. Songs like Worry Rock brought Billie Joe’s vocals to the fore front and incorporated actual melodies while still rooting their punk rock beginnings.¬† Other songs, like Last Ride In, which is just a surf rock instrumental, show us that Green Day are even more than some punk rock kids tryna be emo.

Overall, Nimrod is good. It’s not as iconic or catchy as Dookie or as punk rock as Insomniac or as mellow as Warning but Nimrod shows us the turning point in Green Day’s career. A turning point from being just a punk rock act to international superstars.

Notable Tracks:

The Grouch, Platypus, Last Ride In

– himynamesjeff