Podcast Episode 84

We’re throwin’ it back to the good ol’ days with this week’s album. Cosmo’s Factory is the fifth album put out by CCR and holy shiznit, it’s perfect. CCR had been super prolific and unbelievably successful in such a short amount of time. Largly thanks to Jon Fogerty and his songwriting.

The album’s name came from a nickname given by their drummer, “Cosmo” Clifford, regarding the place they rehearsed at. Dubbed “The Factory” because of the intense amount of time they were spending there rehearsing and recording. The cover art was also sort of out of place for it’s time as it showed the band members in a candid, vulnerable, non rock star like setting.

Cosmo’s Factory is by and large CCR’s best album as a whole. The album fully encompassed what CCR had worked for and who they were as a band. The band shows us they can play rock n roll but also delve into blues and even a little bit of jazz. There are several cover songs on this album but the best song is “Up Around The Bend”. Not only does this song have a lot of nostalgia attached to it but I mean, c’mon, it’s badass. The soft ringing of the open string in the intro is just perfect.

ccr band

It is a shame that CCR sort of went out the way they did. Clashing of the egos doomed this band and put a rift between two brothers that would never be resolved. But damn, these guys were too good for their own good.

Notable Tracks:

Up Around The Bend, Lookin’ Out My Back door

– himynamesjeff