Podcast Episode – 82

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

On one of our first episodes here at Asinine Radio (formerly Caviar and Cigarettes) we reviewed Blink’s California album. At the time, I didn’t think the album was all that bad and sort of enjoyed it. Fast forward to this weeks review of the re-review + deluxe. Dayum. Dissapointing.

John Feldmann has seemingly infiltrated this band and inserted his highly “overproduced” touch to these guys and they can’t seem to shake it. I was actually really disappointed in the Deluxe version. I guess I was hoping for some cool tracks in the traditional style of Blink.


It’s sad to me that at this stage in their lives Blink are not self producing their own albums. It sort of shows the immaturity of the group as a whole. Or maybe just an overwhelming lack of confidence without Tom there. They allow their entire sound to change from the early pop punk pioneers we love to some weird adult version of 5 Seconds of Summer.

What this album + Deluxe lacks is originality. Hear me out. The Blink we have come to love have essentially grown up in front of us. From their early Cheshire Cat, goof ball dayz, to their emotional self titled album, we have seen these guys mature and blossom. California has seemed to take a step back and put these guys in a state of the unknown. It seems like they just don’t know who they are or what they are trying to be. It’s sad and we all know the solution. I’m not going to say the solution ‘cus we say it all the time here at Asinine Radio.

Fuck it. We need Tom.

Notable Tracks:


– himynamesjeff