Podcast Episode 81

This week we dove into some good stuff. Everything we talk about is good stuff but this is just better. I Am The Avalanche are some really cool dudes from the east coast. Lead singer Vinnie is probably better known for being in the band The Movielife. I wish IATA would get more recognition other than just being a side project of the singer from The Movielife. But whatevs!

Avalanche United is IATA second album and differs from their first in that Avalanche United puts out a much more raw sound. From the cover art to the song composition, Avalanche United brings on a raw punk rock sound that is achieved through the production and the vocal angst of Vinnie.

iata band

Avalanche United is packed full of punk rock style songs that explore themes that range from parenting loss to drinking with the boys. Vinnie’s raw, raspy, yelling voice matched with the heavily distorted guitars are a match made in heaven!! The basic structures of the punk rock songs aren’t without their own subtleties.

My favorite track is Gratitude. A song about the people that have helped the band become who they are. I find IATA constantly thanking their family and friends for making them who they are. I also find them to be extremely humble and nice dudes. So, check them out. If you like The Movielife I’m sure you’ll like IATA more. ‘Cus they are better. And that’s a fact.

Notable Tracks:

This One’s On Me, Gratitude

– himynamesjeff