Podcast Episode 79

This week’s episode is brought to you AFI and their fantastic album “Very Proud Of Ya”. In my hayday of illegally downloading music through Kazaa I somehow came across the song He Who Laughs Last… and was pleasantly surprised. Over the course of the next couple hours I finished downloading the album and it was go time!

Very Proud Of Ya features a sort of “classic” lineup of AFI we may not be used to. It also features a sound that many of us may not be used to as well. The music is fast and aggressive while still incorporating Havok’s signature vocals.

This album is just pretty straight forward punk rock. Lot of great songs and just a lot of songs on the album in general. The album posts 20 songs total and clocks in at a whopping 39 minutes. However, it’s 39 minutes of aggressive, kick ass punk rock that really doesn’t let up. What really gets me is the ability of this album to be so basic in form and overall tone but still some minor nuances and subtle instrumental parts that elevate this album into something more.

AFI has long been a pretty solid band. Even with the newer stuff not really being my cup of tea I can generally find something of value in just about every album they release. But there’s always been a lil’ something more with this album. For your own sake!, listen to this one. It’s a goodie.

Notable Tracks

He Who Laughs Last, File 13, Fishbowl

– himynamesjeff