Podcast Episode 78

Dunno why we choose the albums we choose for our weeklies but I’m sure there’s a rhyme and reason. The reason for this pick is because of Zach’s rhymes!

Bad jokes aside, we chose Evil Empire because we felt the need to remind the world that prior to Prophets Of Rage there was a group that achieved the political power Prophets are trying to do. There was a band  that got the attention of the federal government and prided themselves on getting censored and spoke out against…well…pretty much everyone. There was a band that could blend the hip hop and punk and metal scene so flawlessly that you’d think it was a genre that’s been around for decades.

Rage was that band.

We all remembered that day we heard RATM was breaking up. It hurt. It hurt because we knew that there wasn’t going to be another band that took their political beliefs to the extreme like Rage did.


Evil Empire is, without a doubt, their best album. The song “Tire Me” is an angsty punk track surrounded by hateful, resentful political hip hop. There are so few groups that have been politically active and actively motivated those to become politically involved. Public Enemy will always come to mind as well as Rage.

I don’t even have any other words to describe Rage other than just perfect. Every song Rage recorded was perfect. Not one bad song. Not one. None. For realz.

Notable Tracks:

All of em. Seriously.

– himynamesjeff