Podcast Episode 80

Here we are at last! One of this podcast’s favorite artist! Begin To Hope was the first album I heard from Spektor and was immediately a fan for life. Her voice matched with her piano playing is something that is just short of Godlike!

Regina is a Russian born artist who isn’t afraid to dig deep into her roots and showcase what she can do both lyrically and with her piano skills. Her piano work is not just good but it’s almost another member of her band and not just an accompaniment to her vocals.


Start to finish this album send us on quite a roller coaster.  For the most part she sticks to the pop genre but does venture off a little bit. I will say this though, every single song on this album is perfect in every way. She has a way of writing extremely catchy pop songs that cut deeper than a traditional sense. Her playful lyrical style matched with the emotional piano tones and instrumental backups call for quite a complex and layered album.

What really gets me though is her ability to jump from song to song in such a way that will make you feel happy and content then sort of sad and full of sorrow the next track. I really can’t stress enough the amount of feels you’ll get from this album, even from the first listen. I highly recommend you sit down and just enjoy this. Really listen and feel the music not just hear it. It’s worth it.

Notable Tracks

All of them.

– himynamesjeff