Marcy Playground, as most might remember, came out with their hit song “Sex and Candy” about 10 years ago. They joined the ranks of so many bands as being a one hit wonder. More often than not, these bands release an album that is full of songs that in no way match the momentum of their smash hit. Harvey Danger, Fastball, Semisonic to name a few. To me, Marcy Playground did the opposite.

marcy 2

This album by Marcy Playground is truly something special. The sort of immature sincerity it portrays captivates us from the moment the album starts. The opening track is a throwback to our early history lessons in elementary school. Marcy Playground has a unique sound in that they are able to carry a melody throughout a whole album backed by simple 3 or 4 chord songs that don’t really progress any further than a simple structure.

This album clearly draws from some of the 90’s most successful alternative acts such a Nirvana, Dave Matthews, and even Weezer.  Saint Joe On The School Bus clearly draws from Nirvana, so much so that the reverb on the guitar mimics something in the vain of Come As You Are.

What really drew me to this album was its simplicity. The ability to write catchy songs that are both rich in content but seemingly elementary in design. The song “Dog and His Master” does it best with the lyrics that take from the childhood rhyme “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians…”. The song sort of takes on the perspective of a child and how they perceive the daily grind of working a 9 to 5 job.

If you were a fan of Sex and Candy then you owe it to yourself to listen to this whole album. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Notable Tracks:

Poppies, Ancient Walls Of Flowers, Dog And His Master


– himynamesjeff