This week’s pick has been a long time coming. One of my favorite go to bands has always been Pennywise. Pennywise is a group that so many people like in some capacity. I am no different.

Pennywise started out at a pretty different kind of punk band than we’re all used to. Driving more into the hardcore punk scene Pennywise put out some early music that is pretty heavy in the hardcore punk department. After the release of their self titled album, Pennywise really cemented their iconic sound. Bro Hymn has become a punk staple for anyone in the scene and the theme song for goals scored for our own Anaheim Ducks hockey team.


Pennywise has released a number of albums from a pretty consistent lineup. Agreeably, Pennywise’s music sometimes blends into one long 3 album song that seemingly has no end but we can’t argue that they have not left their mark on the punk scene. The punk scene of the 90’s thrived and blossomed into a not only a scene but a movement. With the likes of NoFX and Pennywise kids in the scene were introduced to the notion of involvement. Involvement in both social and political issues. Not saying this wasn’t a thing already because numerous bands have pushed politics in their music but the movement of the 90’s into the 00’s was iconic.

Pennywise kicks ass and they have so much content out there that you’re bound to find something you like. Personally, Straight Ahead is my favorite album. So you should listen to it first. Like, now.

Notable Tracks:

Bro Hynm, Society, Greed


– himynamesjeff