When I first heard Gogel Bordello it was their Gypsy Punks album and I was blown away. At the time, for me, it was unique, catchy, and just weird enough to be cool but not too weird that it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

Fast forward a number of years later and they have released another album called Seekers and Finders. The opening track “Did It All” kicks off the album in a true Gogel Bordello fashion by being fast and driven by an accordion. It really embodies what I like about Gogel Bordello.

The rest of the album is a bit lackluster. I, unfortunately, didn’t like the album as much as I do their gypsy punks album. Mostly because I think the album is full of filler songs. I don’t think they can recapture the energy from their previous years.


They do a song with Regina Spektor (whom I absolutely love) and her angelic voice definitely saves the track. It was nice that Spektor allowed Gogel Bordello to do a song with her. A privilege not handed out to every Joe Shmo.

Besides “Did It All” and “Saboteur Blues” the album seems to fall short of the energy and uniqueness that initially captured my attention. I will still listened to whatever Gogel Bordello puts out because it isn’t bad I just hope that one day they can either go back to their original sound or progress further from their original sound into something else that will be considered super unique. Still a good listen.

Notable Tracks:

Did It All, Saboteur Blues, Seekers and Finders


– himynamesjeff