Holy shit. Listening to BTBAM’s colors again is always a pleasure. If you haven’t heard andything from BTBAM then you should definitely change that. These guys rock, hard, and sometimes slow…and sometimes in a polka style. Enter Colors.

Colors seems to flip the hardcore world upside down with the hodgepodge of chaos that fills our ears with Colors. BTBAM is definitely known for their technical work. After their album Alaska wowed us with their super tight and technical guitar solos paired with tight fitting drums Colors upped the anti.

My personal favorite song, Ants On The Sky, really shows what BTBAM can do. Covering a wide variety of genres and fusing them into a sort of jazzy-blue grassy- metalcore-polka stye. The song shows us what we love about BTBAM by throwing in fast, aggressive metalcore but brings in some bluegrass melodies and rounds out with a jazzy polka jig.

The album itself is meant to be a one listen, front to back. It can serve as a concept album in that every song, instrumentally, flows into a cohesive idea or theme. Some songs are short and some songs run 10 minutes. However, at no point is the listener aware of track changes. The only indicator we get as far as change comes in tempo changes, genre changes, or time signature changes.


Colors is so important to the metalcore scene it should be a mandatory listen to anyone interested in the genre. Shit, it should be standard practice for everyone and their mother to listen to this album. It’s that good.

Notable Tracks:

Ants Of The Sky, Viridian


– himynamesjeff