Here we come, finally, to close out the summer. The summer of nostalgia, packed with both good and bad events. No matter how you slice it summer must end. And with that ending comes the best summer album that’s ever been made (more or less)….Blink’s Take off Your Pants and Jacket.

This album really defined who I was and who I would become in my early developing years. First loves, friends, teen angst, growing up, all come hand in hand with growing up. Blink has always helped define a group of kids growing up, but there was always something about this album that really stood out. Be it the light hearted tone, the catchy tunes, or the teenage pop punk lifestyle associated with the album, Blink stepped up their game with growing up on this one.


Some of the bigger singles, such as the Rock Show, fully embodied what it was like to fall for a summer crush and feel like the whole world was your oyster. Summer crushes were a quintessential aspect of our teenage years. Other songs like Stay Together For The Kids showed us that Blink could write songs that delved deeper into personal relationships. Showcasing Tom’s ability to really portray what divorce looks like to a child, or a young adult, Stay Together For The Kids really hit home to so many of our youth. Even today, the song works as sort of an anthem for kids in divorce situations.

Check this album out. Remember what it was like to feel like you could take on the whole world before school started in the fall. Good times.

Notable Tracks:

Everytime I Look For You, Online Songs, Rock Show