Coming all the way down from Bend Oregon is Mirror Pond! This week’s Beer Of The Week! After setting up my kegerator Mirror Pond was naturally the best choice to enjoy draft beer at home. Mirror Pond is made by Deschutes brewery in Bend, Oregon (SE of Portland). Deschutes really does a great job at involving itself in the community and giving back to the environment. Having won various awards for being environmentally safe and sound Deschutes is a brewery that is easy to get behind an support.20170117_212718.jpg

Mirror Pond gives off a light caramel color. The smells given off are that of its surroundings in Bend, and all of Oregon in general, beautiful nature. Mirror Pond is a little thicker in the mouth and a bit sticky on the way down. It gives off a soft, floral after taste that is pleasant and soothing. Nostalgia and deliciousness are why this beer is my F-BOAT (favorite beer of all time). Dollar beer nights at the Cheerful Tortoise in Portland always meant 5 – 10 glasses of mirror pond.

Mirror Pond uses Cascade hops and puts them up front to be the rock star of the beer. Using various malts to achieve the thicker, fuller flavor Mirror Pond really balances itself out to be an every day drinkable beer. At 5% ABV this beer is perfect for summer, winter, or lunch breaks.

Final Grade

Jeff – A+

Tyler – A+