This week’s playlist comes from a genre of music I didn’t even realize existed but instantly came to love; pop-punk norteno. Bear with me on this one. Melodic guitar riffs, nasally vocals, flippant lyrics, a lot of jumping and polka! Ya, these guys bring out the accordion and turn polka into something that isn’t reserved for people in bad clothing.

Pinata Protest come from San Antonio and blend two genres of music into something so unique and so great. Not only do these dudes perfect the pop-punk sound and mix it with norteno but they incorporate other genres commonly associated with the two such as polka, punk, ranchero, and a little bit of banda. They’ve released 2 LP’s and a “Reloaded” LP of a prior album. Oh, and they have their own beer. So there’s that.

Pinata Protest - Beer.png

Their music is fun and catchy. It’s interesting enough to capture your attention and engaging enough to keep you hooked. I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with and I will be following them closely. It’s no secret that I love my pop-punk. I acknowledge the genre is so convoluted with bands that follow the “pop-punk archetypal” structure that it’s refreshing to hear something unique. So go check em out, you’ll enjoy what you hear. Or you won’t. In which case you suck. Not really though.

Notable Tracks

Vato Perron, Life On The Border, Cantina