This week’s album review comes straight outta our high school memories, Blink 182’s self titled. Blink had been a pop-punk powerhouse long before they showed us their “adult” side in 2003. From talkin’ Jive on Dude Ranch to having sexual relations with canines on “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” (get it?) Blink had proven time and time again they could make melodic, poppy, catchy songs all while staying true to their “never growing up” motif and lyrical style.

Then came their self titled album in November of 2003. This album sold over 300k units in its first week and over 2million over all. The reason is clear as day after having listened to it. Not quite a concept album but still containing an over all theme, this album really attempts to bring the listener on board the magnum opus of the Mark, Tom, and Travis show. The overarching theme seems to be that of a deteriorating relationship, the album still stays true to everything that Blink has fought so hard to become. The melodic “I Miss You”, the poppy “Go”, and the oh so catchy “I’m Feeling This” this album gives an extra layer of depth to each song.

Blink’s self titled is a must listen for any fan of the band, the genre, or of maturing. Having been a fan from the start I really enjoy watching this band grow (for better or for worse) and admire all they’ve done. I hope one day they can put aside whatever beef that’s been cooking for so long to reunite and let me live my childhood one last time.

Notable Tracks

Feeling This, Asthenia, Always, Go

Overall Score

Jeff – 9.5

Tyler – 10