Our first beer of the week! This week comes from Sierra Nevada brewery hailing from Chico, California. Sierra Nevada is the second biggest craft brewery in the US in terms of output, right behind Sam Adams. These guys over there make great beers and they’re always delicious.

The beer of choice is Tropical Torpedo. It’s a take on Sierra Nevada’s own Hop Torpedo blend but with a tropical twist. The beer pours a golden color and has a distinct citrus smell to it. Any beer with an overly citrus aroma emanating from it usually takes me a step back in a worrisome manner. I don’t particularly like my beer tasting like juice or being blindsided by a drive by fruiting! But this beer surprised me in a most pleasant way.

As a learning experience I consulted with our resident beer expert after writing the review. The tropical flavours coming from the beer are from the variety of hops used. Specifically the Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hop varieties. The blend of hops with the tropical flavours brought on by the hops were great. Beer wasn’t too fruity nor too hoppy. With a lot of breweries engineering crazy concoctions (like jalapeno infused bullshiz) this beer really elevated itself to be something I can get behind and at 6.7% to boot!

Final Grade:

Jeff = B    Tyler = B-