This week’s playlist comes from a desire to jump back into the pit with the Dropkick Murphys. After hearing their new album I felt compelled to share my favorite songs from an awesome band. Feel free to either follow my playlist on Spotify or just make your own. Here we go!

  1. Amazing GraceBecause of their Celtic influence the Dropkicks are able to some pretty rad renditions of classic melodies. Known as a traditional Christian hymn the Dropkicks turn this tune into a kick ass drinking song.
  2. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya – Another awesome rendition of a traditional song. Varying versions range from humorous to an anti-war song but in true Dropkick fashion they turn it into another kick ass drinking song.
  3. Heroes From Our Past – Whether this song is about remembering the heroes from another country, the troops from the USA, or an overall outlook on union workers this song is what you’d want from a Dropkick song. Faugh A Ballagh!
  4. Road of the Righteous – My favorite Dropkick album is their first, Do or Die, with original singer Mike McColgan. The entire album is perfect, in my opinion, and this is a perfect song from the album. The distorted guitar blends with the heavy bass to create a melodic union anthem.
  5. The Spicy McHaggis Jig – A song about a large man lookin for large ladies and upon finding one has a one night stand, tells her he loves her, and on 9 months to the day…has a kid! One helluva guy!
  6. Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced – Great song that goes from slow and cocky to fast and heartfelt, literally. Some funny ass lyrics in here with some great one liners for you brave, cocky, single dudes/dudettes.   
  7. Tessie – A Dropkick take on an old baseball fan club song. Although I hate the Red Sox I am a sucker for baseball. I hope to one day make it out to Fenway to sing along to this.
  8. Wicked Sensitive Crew – The punk “scene” is made up of so many people that are made fun of in this song. It’s a great reflection song for anyone who deems themself as a “pop punk tough guy”; or anyone with a neck tattoo.
  9. Far Away Coast – McColgan was a huge supporter of unions and supporting the US troops. This song is an ode to the soldier who is scared and just wants to come home.
  10. You’ll Never Walk Alone – I love soccer, Liverpool F.C., and this song. So what.