The Dropkick Murphy’s have been around since the late 90’s. Then headed by front man Mike McColgan the Dropkicks released their first LP: Do or Die. The album quickly became a hit with fans and amidst the rising stardom McColgan left the band to become a Boston Fire Fighter and was replaced by The Bruisers’ front man Al Barr. Since then, the Dropkick’s have released 8 more albums including their latest release “11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory”.

If you aren’t aware of the Celtic / punk fusion that is the Dropkick Murphy’s then you suck. But seriously, what have you been doing? This latest release is a good addition to the Dropkick discography and holds true to the aforementioned fusion style.


From beginning to end 11 Short Stories keeps you hooked. From the instrumental opening of The Lonesome Boatman to the closing song Until Next Time they keep up the pace and drive the energy forward. There are a few tracks that were a little out of the ordinary of what you may hope for in a Dropkick album, either being too “pop-punk” or too cliche but over all the album seemed to be unified in its direction and tone.

Notable Tracks:

The Lonesome Boatman, First Class Loser, You’ll Never Walk Alone, I Had a Hat

Overall Score

Jeff – 8 / 10

Tyler – 7.5 / 10

– Himynamesjeff