Podcast Episode 125

Ok, so we like to think that at Asinine Radio we are have a pretty eclectic taste in music. That said, at least 50% of AR love this damn album. Alternative hip hop is alive and well with Shwayze’s second album.

Shwayze is basically two people; Shwayze (Aaron Smith) and Cisco Adler. This album features a number of guest musicians starting off with Snoop Dogg. The rest of the album packs quite the punch in the alternative hip hop realm. Think sort of OutKast in the Speakerboxxx days if it were a college beach themed album.

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The album does sort of have this theme of it that flows pretty well throughout. A decent party album to put on while you’re sippin’ on Coronas And Lime (another Shwyaze song). Sally Is A… and Perfect For Me are the hip hop equivalent of something straight out of the emo love scene. I think my favourtie thing about Shwayze is their ability to write party songs with crazy catchy melodies while still keeping their hip hop elements.

Many songs follow an actual structure you’d see from any group from the 50s – 70s. Having that verse/chorus structure definitely helps keep the interest and gets you into the groove! That could partly be attributed to Cars legend Ric Ocasek and his hand in songwriting and producing.

If you like to dance, party, hang out, have fun, enjoy life, or anything that isn’t boring you should check out Shwayze. If you are a boring person you should also check out Shwayze, they’ll change your life.

– himynamesjeff