Podcast Episode – 135

As a long time fan of Pennywise how could we wait so long to do one of their most iconic albums?

Pennywise is one of those bands that hasn’t really made a bad song because most of their material pretty much sounds the same. Land Of The Free? definitely backpacks on that idea and brings more angsty, politically charged songs to a more directed and focused area. The early 2000’s were a punk rockers dream for cheesy lyrics and anti government songs. “Fuck Authority” is the poster child for that.

Land Of The Free follows the Pennywise formula to a tee. Songs like “Enemy” and “My God” sound like they could have been from their previous album Straight Ahead. That’s not to say they are bad or anthing…’cus they ain’t!

Pennywise constantly pack houses, release solid music, and really don’t care about much. Around the time we covered this album Pennywise guitarist, Fletcher, was involved in a near car jacking. Because of his size and his constant menacing face (prolly from writing the same anti government punk song over and over) made the would be thief think twice and flee. So that’s pretty rad.

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You may have also heard Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn” if you’re an Orange County hockey fan. Otherwise, you would have heard them from any Warped Tour or Rock Against Bush Compilation from 1998 to 2006. Good Stuffs tho.

– himynamesjeff