Podcast Episode – 134

The only song I ever really remember from 2 Live Crew was the Me So Horny song. Granted, that song is fun a really cool song to sing a long to but I never really gave the funny guyz anther chance. Until now.

We decided to cover 2 Live Crew because of their influence to the music community as a whole rather than their actual musical contributions. Outside of “Me So Horny” this album is mediocre, at best. Not much depth to the rhymes or the rhythms I found myself kind of bored but the controversy surrounding these guys more than makes up for their music falling short of being great.

With that said, 2 Live Crew’s contribution to the music world are monumental. Not only did these guys take on the hip hop scene and turn it upside down they attacked the very foundation of what our government perceived as “obscene”. As an African-American hip hop group in the 80’s they were already at a disadvantage but still ran with it. They exploited the racial inequities in litigation for album censorship and the overall attitude toward hip hop and lyricists everywhere!


Without “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” we would not have the sort of “freedom of speech” we have today as it relates to music. Censorship may even have gotten worse had it not been for these brave party animals.

Check these guys out and this album. The album isn’t “obscene” by today’s standards but without these guys your favourite artists may not even be able to say some of the things they write about. Like fuck and shit and sex and stuff.

– himynamesjeff