Podcast Episode 142

Welcome to Americana! So says the opening track of the album in normal Offspring fashion. This album brought back some serious nostalgic feels for us on the pod.

The Offspring has always been a staple in a lot of playlists that I have. I revisit the band almost monthly in various capacities. Americana is one of them.

I first heard Americana when I was a wee little child and immediately fell in love with Pretty Fly For A White Guy. Throughout the years The Offspring have put out a lot of good stuffz. But the one two combination of Smash and Americana are lights out, bruh.


Americana takes everything we loved about The Offspring and upped the ante. They took their garage rock punk sound from their self titled and boosted it like in “No Brakes”. They took the melancholy “Self-Esteem” and boosted it like in “She’s Got Issues”. They took the super catchy “Come Out And Play” and boosted it like in “Pretty Fly”. Noodles is absolutely insanity on this album and comes up with some crazy catchy riffs.

The Offspring has just been a band that has evolved into something that pretty much everyone can get behind, until Splinter. They’ve always released something that could be enjoyed by at least one person. And Dexter’s crooning voice is something to fall in love over.

If you haven’t heard of The Offspring or listened to Americana then do yourself a favour and give it a spin. Trust.

– himynamesjeff