Podcast Episode 140

With the talk about Coachella and Stagecoach we decided to take it back to a time where we felt country music was meaningful and innovative. I’m sure Stagecoach is a fun place to go and hang out and drink but damn, the music is surely bothersome.

Buck Owens didn’t invent country music nor was he an early musician of the genre but he influenced countless others and also brought the music to the mainstream, in a way. In the same way Elvis brought rock music to white people Buck Owens brought country to the city slickers.

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Buck Owens was my first introduction to “old” country. “Act Naturally” was the first song and I immediately fell in love. The music in this time period had this sort of innocence and sincerity to it that I feel is severely lacking in the Stagecoach crowd.

Buck Owens’ music is old enough to pick up on so many things country music artists clearly take inspiration from, but also new enough to be accessible to even the most picky audiophile. “Tiger By The Tail” is probably his most popular album and the title track is definitely one of his more/most popular songs.

I love his style of playing. The unfiltered twang of the guitar and his emotional and very active vocal fluctuation give the listener a taste of the old country sound.

Next time you, Stagecoach-ians, are looking up on a new artist take a gander into their influences. If Buck Owens isn’t one of them…swipe left.

– himynamesjeff