Podcast Episode 122

With Christmas just around the corner we felt uber festive and decided what better way than to celebrate with some weird spoken word / ramblings of William Shatner! William Shatner has been around for so damn long he’s pretty much done it all and now he can add Christmas album to his list of accomplishments.

This album features a hefty mix of classic Christmas songs that will please just about everyone. Shatner’s smooth vocals deliver just as you’d expect…goofy. This is a goofy album through and through. What I’m still trying to figure out is if Captain Kirk himself thinks this is some type of legit talented musical output or just a man who’s lived such a cool life that he thinks he can do anything.

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Shatner Claus also hosts a ton of cool and random musicians. Henry Rollins adds some edge to the Shatner’s odd lyrical delivery like in Jingle Bells. Billy Gibbons lends some good licks to help give the album some depth. Other musicians such as Brad Paisley, Iggy Pop, and Mel Collins help round this album into something that may be leaning toward a serious attempt at making music. My one gripe with the album is Shatner’s inability to story tell. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas has Shatner trying to tell a story and it’s just flat and boring.

With all this said, the album is fun and there’s surely something on here for anyone’s Christmas playlist! So check it out!

– himynamesjeff