Podcast Episode 123

Full disclosure here, prior to this podcast I had always viewed Prince more as an entertainer rather than a musician. Mostly because I thought his shtick was cheesy and outdated. When he died I didn’t really bother to look more into him because the 3 songs I’ve heard by him were kinda just ok.

So, naturally, here at Asinine Radio, we pursued that which we did not understand and fell into Prince’s 1999.

And dayum.

Right off the bat I was gettin’ jiggy wit it and almost immediately added the song “1999” to my party playlist. There’s just something about Prince’s ability to throw out hyper sexual lyrics with synth funk bass lines that I found intriguing. Prince also kind of inspired a shit ton of musicians if ya didn’t realize.


The album 1999 takes its time with direction and doesn’t care about track times. With plenty of 5+ minute songs you’re surely able to find something to put on while you’re being romantic or playing Foosball.

Prince is also a pretty dern good guitarist. While not too show-offy on this album he does let loose on occasion and throw out some pretty tasty licks. So again, it’s a bummer it took me this long to really appreciate Prince for what he was but moving forward I can appreciate his music for generations to come! A truly great musician.

– himynamesjeff