Podcast Episode 117

‘Member singing along to “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind and screaming the chorus? So do we. That’s why we did their self titled album. ‘Cus it’s damn good.

There isn’t a 90’s playlist out there that doesn’t contain a 3EB song. I guarandamntee that. Stephen Jenkin’s vocals are so good and so perfect that it’d be hard not to pump out a good album.

Most of the songs on 3EB’s self titled are pretty straight forward without much deviation from the formula set up from the opening track. Not to say the repetitive nature of the song structure is bad because this album has provided mankind with some fucking awesome songs that still hold water today.

What sorta gets me is the lack of anything besides the vocals and lead guitar parts. There’s a couple times the bass comes through or the drummer has his 1 small solo / extended fill but this album is mostly Jenkin’s.

But let’s talk more about Jenkin’s.

His vocals are just too good not to swoon over. Songs like “Jumper” give us his soothing clean vox and others like “Narcolepsy” show us he can kinda scream. Kinda. Other times, like on “Semi-Charmed Life”, he’s sort of rapping but still kind of singing. It’s fun and easy to get into and I think that’s the reason for the bulk of 3EB success. But bury me the day I don’t sing the chorus aloud to “Jumper”.

– himynamesjeff