Podcast Episode 116

We’re running out of blink 182 albums to do so we’re resorting to live albums! In our defense there are several previously unreleased songs on this album including 1 studio track.

Overall, this album is great. If you’re a blink fan you’ll love this. They play the songs super fast and change the lyrics up to poke fun at each other. My personal surprise favourite, Aliens Exist, is a pretty good example. It’s played faster and sort of cuts out the goofy singing Tom tries to do on Enema Of The State. The new songs, albeit short, are also really fun and silly. The Country Song provides a fantastic lead in to their song Dammit and Blow (Blew) Job also gives us some cheap laughs.

Cheap Laughs.

I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed at the cheap laughs that are had during this performance. It can get sort of distracting. Mostly because the jokes aren’t told from the perspective of a teenager who really doesn’t know better but mid 20’s grown ass men. It isn’t so much the dick jokes that really bother me but sort of the sexual innuendo’s with audience members that seem to be implied they are under age. And that shit’s weird and creepy.

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But moving along! Man Overboard is the only studio song to appear on this album and it’s a fucking banger. It’s so damn good and totally bridges the gap between old blink and new blink. Both lyrically and musically. With all of its faults, not many, this album is still a great listen and should be listened to ASAP!


– himynamesjeff