Podcast Episode 106

This week on Asinine Radio we (Tyler) chose a band that we haven’t done before and one that only one of us were familiar with, Thrice. I have never been a big fan of Thrice, not because I think they aren’t good but more so because I just never gave them a chance. Ya, I’ve heard some of their music and even seen em live once but I just never really sat down and listened to ’em.

So, Tyler recommended we do their first album, Identity Crisis. While I was hesitant to really get into the album and not very excited I thought of the loyal listeners and I dove in!

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What a surprise this album turned out to be. Like a perfect combination of punk, rock, emo, hardcore, and everything I like about music all rolled into one! The opening track, Identity Crisis, starts off so great with an awesome guitar riff that’s eventually joined in by the whole band and really kick starts the album.The first listen, Phoenix Ignition, caught my ear and had me hooked from then on. The almost country-emo sound that it starts with and turns into something I didn’t expect.

Overall, the album was a delight. My only complaint would be the bass didn’t have enough of a spotlight to stand on but that wasn’t enough to stop me from enjoying this gem iv’e missed out on all these years! It really was impressive how different each track was from one another in an almost compilation style album. Check it out!

– himynamesjeff