Podcast Episode 103

We’ve done quite a bit of album reviews in our time at Asinine Radio. However, I’m hard pressed to find a time when we’ve done a soundtrack to a musical. In comes Tenacious D.

Tenacious D have been around for some time and have released quite an impressive amount of content. Albums, a TV show, side projects, movie cameos and, best of all, their own musical! The Pick Of Destiny is their second album and they have evolved, and matured, their sound in every way possible.


Kyle Gass and Jack Black are a match made in heaven with Black’s ability to sing virtually anything and make it melodic and tolerable. Whether it be straight up noises like the pre solo in the song “Tribute” or the powerful, head exploding voice, like in “Master Exploder”. Black brings the noise. Gass on the other hand, compliments this by bringing the silver fingers of guitar and writing some really amazing music. A mash up of some classical Bach-Beethoven-Mozart like “Classico” and throwing in some really amazing metal parts like in “The Metal”, Gass rounds this album into a hodgepodge of musical genres.

All the praise to the music doesn’t quite even paint the whole picture. The film itself, The Pick Of Destiny, is an amazing movie and is a must watch for anyone who enjoys fun, excitement, drama, action, adventure, and music. Quite an accomplishment to write, direct, produce, star, and write the music for your own movie. This is one of those times where the movie “The Pick Of Destiny”, as a whole, is outweighed by the sum of its parts.

– himynamesjeff