Podcast Episode 104

During this episode of Asinine Radio we really tried to dive into the Third Wave Ska movement. We spent a lot of time skalking (ska talking) about the genre, the music, and the over all scene in the 90’s.

Less Than Jake was a key figure of the movement and the group that initially got me into the scene. Losing Streak was one of the first albums I downloaded back in the day on Kazaa. LTJ come out and perfectly embody what I think is great Third Wave ska. Combining some true punk rock with ska made for an exciting time in the 90’s. “Losing Streak” is packed full of short, sweet, fun songs that are sure to get you skankin’ in no time!


If you really would like to see just what these guys have to offer I recommend looking at what they do best. Songs like 107 show us they can drop the ska beats and back it up with some great punk rock. The song “Dopeman” makes everyone a believer of the movement and “Shindo”, with it’s fast paced and catchy melody, will make you wish you didn’t make fun of us wearing out checkered shoes and goofy glasses!

LTJ has been a core member in the community for some time and continues to be. One of the bands that I still haven’t seen live and it pains me to this day. Third Wave ska was quite a scene and lives on through bands like LTJ. While their newer music may not have the same pizzazz as “Losing Streak” they still bring the BOOM!

– himynamesjeff