Podcast Episode 99

Here we are again doing another White Stripes album. And their best album to boot!

Holy cow this album is amazing. If you haven’t heard of this group or even their incredible hit “Seven Nation Army” then you’re a fucking fool. But for realz. This album came out in the 00’s and has since been nothing short of iconic.

Jack White is well known for keeping it simple with his music. A fun fact about Elephant was all the recording, mixing, mastering, and writing was all done without the use of computers. Furthermore, none of the recording equipment was made past the 60’s!


What makes me love this album is the plethora of genres that are executed with such perfection it’s almost sick. Song’s like “Ball and Biscuit” remind us that Jack and Meg can really push out some bluesy shiz. Jack’s simple guitar riff accompanying Meg’s basic, but slightly quirky, drum beat is perfection. If you’re looking for a more rock n roll, or even punk rock, song then “Hypnotize” may be your track. A really cool distorted guitar kicks this song off and never stops. EVER! The bridge in “Hypnotize” is absolute insanity!

I cannot sing the praises of this album anymore than I can. You can hear me pine over it’s perfection on the podcast and yell at my fellow podcast host for not thinking it’s perfect. If you are a fan of The White Stripes you have already heard, and loved, this album. If you are a fan of life then check this album out. You won’t be disappointed.

– himynamesjeff