Podcast Episode 101

Another day another album. This week we are getting into yet another Green Day album. This time we picked up Warning. This was essentially a turning point in Green Day’s career and marked the beginning of the end ‘cus after this, well, Green Day kinda just went to shit.

Most of us remember Warning as the album that gave us the songs “Minority” and “Waiting”. ‘Member how cool the video to “Minority” was? Anywho, overall, the album sort of goes a little too deep in the pop rock pool for me. The song “Waiting” is sort of a cover / mashup song that is entirely too cheesy and pop rock for my taste. Another cheese ball song is “Macy’s Day Parade”. It’s slow and lingers for far too long.


There are some really badass songs on this album. “Blood, Sex, and Booze” and “Misery” both push the boundaries of what Green Day does. I think the most iconic song from the album has to be “Minority”. The song’s structure hits you with it’s chorus immediately and continues to pound it into your head. It sort of also marked the band’s first baby step into the political realm.


There are some other songs on the album worth noting. “Castaway” is probably the closest to some really cool punk rock that you’ll get on this album. It may be the case you may have not listened to Warning in it’s entirety. Apart from the hits the album is an easily overlooked album but it’s definitely worth your time so check it out.

– himynamesjeff