Podcast Episode 94

For some reason we just can’t get enough of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack. Probably because it’s badass. Because of this obsession we chose an album by The Suicide Machines, Destruction By Definition.

The first time both of us here at Asinine Radio heard of The Suicide Machines was while tearing up the streets of downtown San Fran. New Girl was the song on the soundtrack of THPS and we were instantly hooked. New Girl is a perfect song in every way. Catchy, fast, fun, and happy. The rest of this album follows suit.


There are a couple songs on Destruction By Definition that really fit the mold of New Girl while others are totally different. The Suicide Machines are ska punk band and do both very well. The low end of songs like “SOS” show us the slow melodic side of their ska capabilities while songs like “Islands” show us they can do the pop ska punk thing.

Every song on the album pushes the momentum forward on the album and never lets up. No slow songs. No ballads. No acoustic mumbo jumbo. All riff raff all the time. Vocalist, Jason Navarro, also does this sorta skat thing that also gives the run of the mill ska songs an edge that’s fun to skat along too.

If you’re looking for some ska punk that is quite good then look no further. But, if you’re like us and had a decent childhood growing up then you’ve already heard of this band.

Notable Tracks

New Girl, SOS, Break The Glass

– himynamesjeff