Podcast Episode 95

A last minute cancellation left Asinine Radio with a game time decision to change our album of the week! Luckily, our vast knowledge and eclectic taste allowed for a discussion of one helluva album.

The Postal Service is an electronic indie project from Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello. Their one and only album (aside from a live thang), Give Up, was released in 2003 and quickly garnered attention. To this day, hipsters and indie lovers together praise this album for its complexity and its emotional aspects. Gibbard provides most of the vocals on the album and does a great job at keeping the tone pretty level and continuous.

They do have a couple guest vocalists, female vocalists, on several tracks including my favourite track “Nothing Better”. The female vocalists provide a nice contrast to Gibbard’s voice. But not too scathing to deter from the over all tone of the album and music composition.

postal live

Give Up sort of takes us through this land of pop songs and indie rock with a backing track of electronica that takes us from the highs of “Such Great Heights” to the seemingly lonesome “This Place Is A Prison”.

Unfortunately, The Postal Service called it quits officially in 2013 after a cool little 10 year anniversary. Which actually may or may not have been a bad thing. Definitely something to respect when artists can achieve something great and call it quits when they truly feel the project has run its course.

Notable Tracks

Nothing Better, Brand New Colony, This Place Is A Prison

– himynamesjeff