Here we are with another Sublime album! This is our favourite Sublime album and really rad. We all know Sublime as the guys that did Date Rape, What I Got, and Santeria. While all those songs, and the albums they came from, are some top notch stuff, Robbin The Hood just kinda takes what Sublime does best and elevates it.

Sublime can do a lot of things and they all of them on this album. This album is heavy on the Dub and throws in some cool punk / thrash stuff. Bradley shows us again that he can do some great acoustic work and the album even features another OC native, Gwen Stefani!

The album came off the coattails of their debut album, 40oz To Freedom, and is a much different endeavor for the them. Both in quality and substance. In an effort to not be seen as too mainstream they released this album with its poorer quality and dub loops. Interestingly, the album contains a the instrumental part to the song Santeria from their next album.

sublime pic

Songs like Pool Shark and Falling show us that Sublime can still kill it in the punk community while other songs like Cisco Kid shows us that we can bridge the gap and incorporate hip hop with punk. Sublime, to me, have always been such an overlooked band by so many people and I never understood why. The diversity Sublime achieved, musically, in such little time is simply amazing and I think they deserve a deep listen from anyone and everyone.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the Raleigh soliloquies…

Notable Tracks:

Lincoln Highway Dub, Pool Shark, Saw Red

– himynamesjeff