Let me just preface this review by just saying that I’ve never been a big fan of Nirvana. There are many reasons I have that we discussed in the episode of the Podcast so check it out.

When I was a kid listening to this album I never really liked it. Just seemed like a bunch guys making pop music hidden behind fuzzy guitars and baggy clothes. Nevermind is full of songs that could be considered pop rock. What I will give to Nirvana is their ability to make extremely catchy songs and Cobain’s vocal ability to match the fuzzy guitars and poppy vibe of the songs.

Dave Grohl should also be noted as a highlight of the album. The drumming on this album is pretty top notch. Grohl keeps it simple with the rhythms but still adds some interesting flair to his fills to keep the songs going and exciting. It’s pretty cool to see a guy succeed at two different instruments for two pretty legendary bands, even though I don’t really either band. But whatevs.

nirvana band

We get pretty heavy into this album and the legacy it has. It has such a strangle on rock music and has become a staple for anyone who listens to any music. The song Smells Like Teen Spirit has also become the anthem of teen angst and one of the first songs we all learn when we start playing the guitar.

All in all, it a’int bad. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll like it ‘cus everyone apparently does.

Notable Tracks:

Territorial Pissings, Polly, Lithium

– himynamesjeff