Our pick this week is from a Cleveland born kid named Scott Mescudi although most of his fans know him by his stage name, Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi’s first album is something truly magical. Dancing on the line of so many genres Cudi was able to bring his story to so many youth at the time, including myself.

His solemn, humble, tone creates an entire atmospheric album that not only tells us a story of what’s inside his mind but paints a tonal picture of what it would be if his feelings were translated into music.

His ability to rap and sing and do something in between is the highlight of the album. Some songs, like “Soundtrack to My Life”, showcase his ability to rap while also throwing in a catchy chorus. Having choruses in a hip hop album is something strange in itself but Kid Cudi performs it masterfully. The songs that are structured like traditional rock songs absolutely kick ass.


Kid Cudi has amassed quit a following. His personal struggles are something we can relate to and his lyrics show this. His simple lyrical style gives us a peek into his darkest nightmares and they reflect our own deepest as well. He also collaborates with some really rad musicians. Kanye West, Common, MGMT, and Ratatat all bring something special to the table and round this album out.

This album has a lot of nostalgia attached to it, for me. Some good memories are tied to this album and I’ll the album is definitely one I love sharing. So check it out.

Notable Tracks:

Soundtrack To My Life, Alive, Pursuit Of Happiness