It’s a bit strange we haven’t talked about this group until now. Tyler and I are both fans of Rammstein and love their music. After listening to my roommate play the same terrible psy trance songs over and over I threw on some Rammstein ‘cus Rammstein trumps psy trance any day of the week.

Rammstein come from Germany and most will remember them from their 1997 hit “Du Hast”. That song blew up on MTV and had a super dope video to accompany the song. That album “Sehnsucht” sold a crap ton of copies and catapulted Rammstein into the international spotlight. My personal favorite song, “Buck Dich”, comes from this album.

Rammstein has a reputation for putting on some pretty insane shows. From select videos and news reviews I’ve read their shows sound like quite the cup o’ tea! Pyrotechnics are the main focus of their live shows and lead singer, Till Lindemann, seems to enjoy being on fire, a lot.


If you’re looking for some heavy ass German industrial metal then check out Rammstein. Even though I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, the fact that Lindemann is singing makes me pay attention. His deep voice matched with the heavy metal music is a match made in heaven.


– himynamesjeff